The Wonder Years

The Arnold clan is preparing to send their second oldest off to college. Madison meets the new neighbor boy; which for Madison turns out to be bitter sweet.


While traveling to take her brother to Cal-Tech. Madison enters into her Star Trek inspired “world”; worried about how she is going to cope with the new experiences she will have to deal with. While there; the new boy from next door manifests in her world; he appears as Data from Star Trek who is trying to understand the difference of love and friendship.


She visits her doctor (who is played by Brent Spiner) and he suggest that if things become too much for her that simply go for a walk alone.


While at school, Madison finds certain situations very difficult; but does her best to fit in. At one point she makes a comment that incites laughter and teasing from her fellow classmates. Later; when she is back at home, she takes her doctors advised and goes for a walk in the woods behind her house; the walking, though doesn’t prevent her from having a “meltdown” and when not paying attention, she trips over a tree root and ends face down in a pond; she is stuck. Thankfully the boy from next door is around to save her.


After resuscitating her; the boy from next door walks her back to her house where Kevin and Winnie rush her to the hospital to be checked out. When they return home several hours later, the boy from next door is still sitting on their front stoop.