Can I audition for a part in your project?

Before, I say yes or no; I want for all those who are interested to understand that this project is not about producing an entire series. We are not trying to sell a story based upon someone else's characters to some unknown network; we are only trying to create a story which we can take to the existing copyright holder to try and pursued them to finally reunite and bring together two characters from a beloved 80's television show.


By putting together a treatment, writing a couple episodes scripts and by producing one of those episodes; we'll be able to show 20th Century Fox that the story can work; and that both the fans of the original series and those in the proper demographic will enjoy watching it.



That being said; in the pitch episode we are planning on producing, The Wonder Years, we will need talent to fill the roles of several key actors. These parts are going to always mean the talent will be replaced; for example the roles of Kevin and Winnie will be filled by Fred Savage and Danica McKellar.


In the case of Madison Arnold, Kevin and Winnie's eleven year old daughter; the girl who plays her in the pitch has a chance of continuing on as that character if 20th Century Fox chooses to pursue the series; and although, we will push for such, if desired, we cannot guarantee it; because it may be out of our hands.


This isn't to say either that you will be out all together if the series goes to production; the series will need tons of others in supporting roles.