About the Wonder Years II Series

The Wonder Years II project was conceived of by Brian Knight; and brought to fruition by him and other fans of the original series; who are demanding that two true loves finally end up together.


Those fans that joined the team of creative minds, wanted a show that was as edgy as the original; which contains the same level of passion  and energy that the original had, while at the same time being unique enough in its presentation to not be just another "reboot" style series.



It is rare to find a television show (or even a movie) that brings to the audience a female narrative. This series will do just that; given both boys and girls insight into the females mind. This series tells the tails of Madison Arnold; Kevin and Winnie's only daughter; on how how it was that she was able to survive girlhood, boys, and her Aspergers. Not only does this series give viewers insight into the female mind; but it also  gives those with autism a understanding of their condition.

About the Wonder Years II Project

Besides writing a featurette that brings everyone up to speed on Kevin and Winnie's relationship; we are currently working on writing a pilot; and several other potential episodes that will hopefully be made part of the series.

We are also running a Kickstarter campaign so that we may shoot a pitch video to show to networks. If successful; we will use a good chunk of the funds to purchase two HD-Grade camera's (one being a drone for hard-to-get and aero footage) and a video editing rig; boom mics and audio capturing equipment; location fee's and talent expenses.